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A room without books is like a body without a soul.
Recent Entries 
19th-Jan-2006 07:03 pm - 1.
Hey kids. I don't know what my goal for this year is. I haven't really updated this, but I'll try to post every time I finish a book anyways. I think I'm just going to tally up books instead of pages this year.

Scandalous Again, Christina Dodd.

Val's gag birthday gift to me. Hilarious 19th century smut like no other.
30th-Oct-2005 03:46 pm - 121.
The Perfect Neighbor, by Nora Roberts. 256 pages.
30th-Oct-2005 03:43 pm - 120.
Duncan's Bride, by Linda Howard. 251 pages. Re-read.
30th-Oct-2005 03:42 pm - 119.
Night Shield, by Nora Roberts. 256 pages.
28th-Oct-2005 08:11 pm - 118.
Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. 558 pages.
24th-Sep-2005 10:28 am - 117.
Are We There Yet?, by David Levithan. 224 pages.
17th-Sep-2005 09:15 pm - 116.
Candide, by Francois M. Voltaire. 128 pages.
17th-Sep-2005 12:54 am - 115.
The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. 64 pages.
15th-Sep-2005 07:36 pm - 114.
Love Overboard, by Janet Evanovich. 266 pages.
5th-Sep-2005 09:43 am - 113.
50 Harbor Street, by Debbie Macomber. 384 pages.

Best one yet.
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